Tuesday, October 17th, 2017


Residential Carpet Cleaning


Did you know that your carpet wear warranty most likely requires that your carpet be professionally cleaned with the Hot Water Extraction method at least every 12-18 months? (depending on the manufacturer) This is important to keep those sandy, abrasive soils from grinding your fibers down and causing premature wear.

At Beautiful Carpets and Floors, we have developed a highly effective 7-step approach to cleaning carpets. Following these 7 steps allows us to achieve consistently beautiful results, as well as giving our clients a standard of expectation. Here is our 7 step cleaning process that we use on our residential cleaning accounts. Please note that abnormal conditions such as excessive pet contamination, mal-odors, excessive red stains, or delicate fabrics and fibers may require additional steps.

    1. Walkthrough / Pre-Inspection. In this first step we walk through all the areas to be cleaned with the client, asking questions and pointing out any potential issues with the cleaning. We also measure the carpet and give an exact, written quotation at this time. For many new clients, this step is done when we do a free inspection and price quote.


    1. Commercial Pre-Vacuum. We use a commercial, dual motor vacuum to thoroughly vacuum all the dry, non-soluble soils out of the carpet. This is a very important part of the cleaning process and should never be skipped. Sometimes our clients want to pre-vacuum themselves, and this is fine, as long as the vacuuming is done at some point. However, our commercial machine does a much better job, so we would rather do this step ourselves.


    1. Hand-Vacuum Edges and Corners. We’ll use a hand tool  to vacuum all those hard-do-reach place that the vacuum typically cannot clean.


    1. Pre-conditioning. The carpet will be pre-conditioned with our non-toxic cleaning solution. This breaks down oils, greases, and soils for more effective extraction and cleaning. Our solution will leave no sticky residues in your carpet and is completely non-toxic.


    1. Hot Water Extraction. Our powerful truck-mounted extraction machine uses pressurized hot water rinse the fibers and a powerful vaccum to extract the soil and water through a 2 inch hose and deposits the dirty water into a waste tank on the truck. Your carpet will be left only slightly damp to the touch, thanks to dozens of dry vacuum passes made possible by our RX-20 Rotary Extraction tool. This tool is much more thorough than the conventional “scrub wand” due to the much higher number of cleaning passes and dry passes. Some people are concerned that the rotary extractor will “wear out” carpets, but this complete nonsense. The RX-20 is completely safe for your carpets and the major manufacturers have approved it for use on products covered under their warranty.


    1. Carpet Protector Application. This step is optional, but we do recommend it for use in most residential applications and some commercial applications. New carpet is manufactured with a protective coating on the fibers to prevent stains, dyes, and just plain old dirt from permanently bonding to the fibers. This protective coating wears off and cleans off, so the manufacturers recommend re-applying your carpet protector with each professional carpet cleaning. It is estimated that with normal traffic, a protective coating can last up to 2 years.


    1. Post-Grooming. This last step ensures that the protector is evenly distributed on the fibers, as well as erasing tracks in the carpet and fluffing and aligning the fibers to allow for quicker dry times.



Thats it! Don’t forget that Beautiful Carpets and Floors fully guarantees every job we do! We even guarantee against “re-occurring” stains thanks to a special process we use to COMPLETELY remove the soil in the backing and pad that is wicking up and causing the stain!

If you aren’t completely thrilled with your cleaning, we’ll clean again at no charge! If you’re still not thrilled, we’ll refund every dime. No questions asked.

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