Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

If your floors could talk, what would they tell you?

Is your floor a happy floor?

Or is it feeling unappreciated, resentful, and forgotten?


Think about it. Your floors work harder than anything else in your home. They are always there, waiting to catch the things you drop, clean the dirt and junk off your feet and shoes, covering up your ugly plywood subfloor, adding warmth and cheer to the inside of your home. They capture and retain pollutants like smoke, pet hair, tar and grease, dust, and little critters that start with “dust” and end with “mite” that we won’t talk about… And they never do talk about it. They just do their job, day after day, never complaining, never arguing, never asking for credit and recognition or awards or golden trophies or Purple Hearts.

But you know what? Your floors have feelings too. They may not say much, but they like to be appreciated just like all the rest of us. They don’t ask for much. Just a little recognition for their hard work, and some cleaning up and refreshing now and then. They like to be clean and fresh and healthy just like we do.

Imagine that you are the world’s top butler, or hostess. If there was an Olympic competition for hospitality you would win it every time. You are a total master at making guests comfortable. You clean up a dropped beverage in 10 seconds and smile while doing it. You are never grouchy. You never oversleep. Your coffee is always fresh, and your cream is always chilled and never goes sour. (it’s always authentic heavy whipping cream of course. No Coffee-Mate here.) Your cheese slicing ability is legendary and no on can skewer an olive quite the same. There is just one catch. You can’t bathe yourself. You can’t even wash your hands or straighten your hair. You are the best of the best at taking care of everyone else, but completely incapable of cleaning up yourself. Wouldn’t you be grateful it if someone showed their appreciation for all your hard work by helping you clean up now and then? The truth is, that even you, the world champion, top of the line, blue ribbon host or hostess, would see your performance begin to drop after awhile with no cleaning up or change of clothes or freshening up. You simply cannot be at the top of your game with a dirty face, sticky hands, destroyed hairdo, and stains all over your evening clothes.

It is really no different with your carpets and floors. They work hard at providing a beautiful, comfortable place for you to live, but without some maintenance and care, they soon begin to lose their ability to provide that positive experience. They began to look and act neglected, depressed, and down trodden. They actually become a hindrance to a pleasant atmosphere rather than facilitating it. Rather than welcoming you and your guest into a warm, beautiful and pleasant space, they repel.

Are your floors secretly harboring low self esteem and internalizing feelings of frustration born out of a lack of simple recognition, appreciation, and routine maintenance? Are you inadvertently disabling and hindering the work of one of the most important components to a happy home ecosystem, simply by doing nothing? You may want to stop, take a good long look at your hard working carpet, tile, or oriental rugs and ask yourself, “Does that look like a happy floor?”

Once your floors have suffered deep psychological (and even physical) damage by internalizing their hurt and bitterness, its tough to ever really bring them back as a happy, productive member of you home’s environment. Luckily, Beautiful Carpets and Floors is one of the most highly qualified floor whisperers in the Walla Walla Valley and Tri-Cities areas. With our exclusive 7 step method, we have brought many a down-and-out floor back into service as a productive and respected member of the homes ecosystem. With this system, we can refresh, rejuvenate, deodorize, and beautify even the most neglected and unhappy floors. In fact, short of physical scaring and damage, we can just about make your floors look like new.

Here is our exclusive 7 step cleaning process that we use on our residential cleaning accounts. Please note that abnormal conditions such as excessive pet contamination, mal-odors, excessive red stains, or delicate fabrics and fibers may require additional steps to rehabilitate your floor properly, but these steps do absolute wonders for 90% of our under-appreciated clients.

1. Walkthrough / Pre-Inspection. In this first step we walk through all the areas to be cleaned with the client, asking questions and getting a feel for the floors frame of mind and overall condition. We try to identify potential problematic issues offer an expectation of what kind of results to look for. We also measure the carpet and give an exact, written quotation at this time. For many new clients, this step is done when we do a free inspection and price quote.

 2Commercial Pre-Vacuum. We use a commercial, dual motor vacuum to thoroughly vacuum all the dry, non-soluble soils out of the carpet. Carpets absolutely love this step and sometimes tell us that if somebody would only do this for them at least once a week, they would feel so much better. Some of our clients do take the time to give the gift of vacuuming to their hardworking carpets, and the pay off is well worth it.

 3. Hand-Vacuum Edges and Corners. On of the most common complaints that we get from neglected carpets as that, even if the main areas are vacuumed regularly, very rarely do the door jams, corners and behind the doors get vacuumed. This leaves behind a strip of dust and debris along the edges even after a standard vacuuming session. We listened, and now we used a hand held attachment to vacuum around corners, door jams, transitions, and every inch of baseboard.

 4. Pre-conditioning. The fourth step is where we apply a gentle exfoliating facial treatment to the surface of the carpet. This solution gently releases the grease, oils, food residue and pollutants from the carpet and suspends in the solution for easy removal. Carpets have described this step as “pure bliss” to us, as the sensation of all that crud lifting off of their sensitive fibers is something that they often dream of until we come back the following year.

5. Hot Water Extraction. Now comes the main even. Our powerful truck-mounted extraction machine uses a pressurized hot water rinse to flush the fibers and a powerful truck mounted  vacuum pump (powered by the 6.0 V8 van engine) to extract the soil and water through a 2 inch hose and deposit the dirty water into a waste tank on the truck. Your carpet will be left only slightly damp to the touch, thanks to the powerful vacuum and extra dry passes of dry vacuum passes. Some companies will try to use less water to achieve quicker dry times, but our philosophy is that the number one priority is to get the floor clean, refreshed, sanitized, and happy. This requires flushing the fibers out with steaming hot water. There is just no substitute for a hot bath. Sure there are other ways clean, and sometimes in special circumstances we are forced to used alternative cleaning methods, but for most carpets, hot water extraction simply can’t be beat. So we choose to achieve dry times in way other then limiting the cleaning ability of hot water, such as extra dry passes, powerful vacuum system, and when necessary, air mover fans.

For special cases we also use our RX-20 rotary extraction tool. This tool is much more aggressive than the conventional “scrub wand” due to the much higher number of cleaning passes and dry passes. Some people are concerned that the rotary extractor will “wear out” carpets, but this is complete nonsense. The RX-20 is completely safe for your carpets and the major manufacturers have approved it for use on products covered under their warranty.

6. Carpet Protector Application. This step is technically optional, but quite honestly, we have found that many carpets are not completely and successfully rehabilitated without restoring their protective coating. They tell us that they just don’t feel secure and ready to face the world without it. New carpet is manufactured with a protective coating on the fibers to prevent stains, dyes, and just plain old dirt from permanently bonding to the fibers. This protective coating wears off and cleans off, so the manufacturers recommend re-applying your carpet protector with each professional carpet cleaning. It is estimated that with normal traffic, a protective coating can last up to 2 years. Again, this is optional, but your carpets are telling us that, without it, they feel naked and lacking the proper equipment to do their best job possible. It would be like St. George riding out to slay the dragon in his pajamas, or asking King Arthur to go into battle without Excalibur.

7. Post-Grooming. As one last gesture of appreciation and goodwill to boost the morale of the carpet, we give a thorough post-grooming. This is a little like brushing out your hair after washing. It straightens the fibers, fluffs the pile, removes tracks and marks from the hoses, not to mention the incredible back-scratching sensation that our carpets report feeling. It adds a general after-glow to the carpets frame of mind and gives them a little bit of a boost as they turn their faces once more to their never ending task of catching everything that everybody else drops. Besides, everybody needs a good grooming now and then. In fact, we can sell you a grooming rake for use in between professional cleanings. Couple a good grooming with your weekly vacuuming and your carpets will love you forever.

Thats it! In the space of a few hours your carpet has gone from a dejected, crippled, humiliated and unhappy floor to a hard working, happy, healthy, beautifully glowing floor that will welcome you and your friends with a smile and a wink.

Don’t forget that Beautiful Carpets and Floors offers a full 200% guarantee on every floor we treat! We even return at no charge to clean re-occurring stains as often as needed! Usually we can completely eliminate those persistent little sprites, but sometimes it takes a couple of cleanings.

If you aren’t completely thrilled with your cleaning, we’ll clean again at no charge! If you’re still not thrilled, we’ll refund, not only every dime we charged, but we’ll send each dime back with another dime to keep it company. In other words, if you aren’t thrilled with your $200 job, we’ll refund you $400. No questions asked.

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